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Joshua P. Warren wears one of these pendants every single day. 

These solid, heavy, high-quality pendants employ Japanese Technology designed to morph with your bio-energy field. 

​For complete information, click HERE.

You get BOTH for $69, plus $9.95 s&h anywhere in the world!


Warren has personally selected these fine coffees, grown in the Caribbean, and put them in a coffee lover's dream kit. 

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To order the entire kit for $69 with free s&h within the U.S.:

To order outside the U.S. shipping is an extra $35, for a total of $104: 

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plus $9.95 s&h anywhere in the world!

We usually ship immediately, but please allow up to 6 weeks

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TIBETAN IMOs -- Instant Meditation Orbs

These incredible eye-coverings force your brain into the psychic Theta state within just a few minutes! Not only will you experience incredible relaxation, but your perception of spiritual phenomena and ESP will increase dramatically. These were designed by Joshua P. Warren for maximum comfort and effectiveness. They come with instructions. For more info, click HERE.

$99.95 plus $9.95 shipping anywhere in the world.

Limited quantty! Please allow up to 6 weeks to receive. 

Dracula Wand: Contains Rubble from the REAL Dracula's Castle!

Joshua P. Warren personally visited Transylvania, in Romania, and obtained rubble from the ruins of Vlad's Castle. He built the rubble into a real magic wand. You'll receive a hand-crafted wand, along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity! It's the ULTIMATE GIFT for those who enjoy amazing history.

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U.S. Sales Only: $195.00


This mind-powered machine can change your life. Use it over and over, the rest of your life, to manifest more wealth, health, and happiness. Comes with complete instructions and customer support. For more details, see

$9.95 for ALL 5 BOOKS 

Download 5 of Warren's Most Popular Books RIGHT NOW!

Don't Play with Robert: The World's Most Haunted Doll 

The Wishing Machine Workbook

Poor Man's Paranormal: Using Household Items

Brown Mountain Lights: A Viewing Guide

Practical Wand Making

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"Aura Eyes" Training KIT

See the paranormal Day 1 GUARANTEED! Joshua's invention.

This special pair of glasses forces your eyes to see paranormal light around people, pets and plants. It comes with a "living terrarium" pendant, containing living moss and quartz crystals from Asheville, North Carolina. For more info click HERE.

To order the entire kit for $99.95 (plus $11.95 s&h anywhere in the WORLD):

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Joshua P. Warren

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Best-Selling Author of USE THE FORCE : A Jedi's Guide      

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$99.95 plus $19.95 outside the U.S.

For non-U.S. sales, with $25 added: $220.00

"Fortune Teller Kit"

Become a Certified Paranormal Investigator in Joshua's Online Course!

This is the ultimate kit to teach you how to read palms and use a "coiled" dowsing pendulum!

Joshua put this special kit together which includes a palmistry manual, a nice palmistry sculpture, a special pendulum created in his workshop, and, as a FREE Bonus, an e-book, you can instantly download upon purchase, called HOW TO READ THE HUMAN AURA AND CREATE AN INTELLIGENT LIFE FORM.

For more info on this kit, click HERE.

Sorry: SOLD OUT for GOOD!