Amazingly, it divides into two objects, 2 min. 36 seconds into the video:

Below are enhancements of the above stills. Click each for a larger version:

UFO Filmed by Homeland Security



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On April 25, 2013, around 9:20pm local time, a Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection Aircraft filmed this strange object, via IR/thermal, flying around the town of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and the commercial Rafael Hernandez Airport, at up to 120 mph. After dipping into the water and emerging, the shape-shifting UFO eventually divides into two objects and finally seems to disappear into the Atlantic Ocean, near the Puerto Rico Trench (the deepest point in the Atlantic, at 28,373 feet; nearly the height of Mt. Everest).

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In thermal the dark color is hotter and the white is cooler, seen 42 seconds into the video:

Below are Stills. You can click each for a larger version . . .

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August, 2016 update

The Scientific Coalition for UFOlogy wrote a 162-page report on this footage, and you can read it at:   

A more traditional saucer shape at this point, 1 min. 6 seconds into the video:

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