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Before the hurricane, sightings of the "Gargola," a mothman-type creature, increased in Puerto Rico. Some believe this is a photo of the creature. 



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Since hurricane Maria, many strange objects been seen near secret government bases in Puerto Rico.

Investigator Ellis captured this long-distance photo of a government airstrip near the Laguna Cartagena, known as the "UFO Lagoon," due to the objects seen traveling in and out of the water.

In the first photo, only a traditional aircraft can be seen on the airstrip. Seconds later, a weird object suddenly appears in the background.

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Joshua P. Warren

Many believe this object looks similar to the strange, flying object Luis Aymat captured, in 2012, near this same site. See below for comparison.


Strange Object Captured in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria


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JUNE 2018 update

This NOAA image shows what appears to be a large, artificial structure, like an underwater base, to the south of Puerto Rico: