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Joshua P. Warren just returned from
Key West, Florida investigating
the Haunted Doll!
This page will be
updated daily, as data is processed, via
video blog for fans of Coast To Coast AM
and Speaking of Strange.

Robert-The-Doll Waiting For Joshua!

Speaking Of  Strange Hour 1
Joshua discussed his plans to investigate
Robert The Doll on the 1st hour of the show

Speaking Of Strange Hour 2
Joshua gets a dire warning from the former
caretaker of Robert-The-Doll asking if his life
insurance is paid before he goes to Key West 
to investigate the doll.

Speaking Of Strange Hour 3
Joshua offers Strange News Of  The World / Dark30

Hour 2 is on Autoplay - If you want to stop the radio
podcast to listen to a video, just hit the "pause"
button on hour 2 above. All 3 hours of Joshua's
weekend show, SPEAKING OF STRANGE, on
Aug. 7, are presented here for your enjoyment!

Robert the Doll Video

Joshua shares his feelings after completing his
radio show about doing the investigation in Key West.

Joshua shares his thoughts at the airport before he steps
on the plane and heads out to Key West to meet Robert.

Joshua Has His 1st impromptu meeting with Robert-The-Doll.

JPW at Hemingway's bar in Key West Fl (Captain Tony's).

JPW Spent The Day On Monday Studying Robert

Robert-The-Doll's House

Robert-The-Doll's Attic Living Quarters
Locked!  But Guess who has the -KEY-

In Robert's Attic - Holy Sh**!

Joshua Warren Hanging with UFO Legend Jim Moseley
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  Jim Moseley
PO Box 1709
Key West Fl. 33041

Hands On Investigation - Touching Robert the Doll
(they removed the case for Joshua @ East Martello Museum)

Joshua Warren Is Lifting A Bar Of Solid
Gold from Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum
Aug 19th - $550K valued Gold Bar JPW was holding
in musuem is stolen in daring after closing museum robbery.

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Joshua P. Warren's Tweets Posted Below As He Travels To Key West

Manny the producer of SpeakingOfStrange is tweeting Joshua's updates here:

Joshua P Warren is boarding the plane as we speak to the keys to research
Robert the Doll, I will be tweeting his updates as his producer

Boarding the airplane right now. All the guys in security were fans of the show.
They were excited about the trip.

Joshua just arrived at the Atlanta airport. Follow me for the latest updates on the
investigation into Robert the doll

From Joshua: Aircraft is undergoing maintenance. Flight to KW
might be delayed.

Plane had to be switched out, so flight supposedly delayed an hour. Fine with me;
don't wanna fall into the ocean!

On the plane now. Let's hope for the best.

Just touched down in Key West. Bumpy flight. Aquamarine water is
clear and beautiful!

Wow! Just had an unexpected, impromptu meeting with
Robert. Wait'll you hear details!

Awesome time at Captain Tony's (original Sloppy Joe's), now eating a sloppy joe from Sloppy Joe's! This is the newer one where they hold the Hemingway look-a-like contest each year. They invented the Sloppy Joe.

Now THAT'S a Cuban Sandwich! Just 90 miles
from Cuba baby.

Just ate some AWESOME Key Lime Pie. Not like the
frozen stuff!

Wandering Duval Street--getting into mischief as I sip
a rum and Coke. Some weird folks around here.

Samba and Cuban Carribbean is bumping in the humid night air.
Lights and parties everywhere on this narrow street.

Took a break to energize on some raw oysters.

Chickens famously wander the bars and streets here.

Just finished some great tests on Robert. Should have video later.

Will be on the radio live tonight at 1am EST to let all
know how investigation is going. Monday 9th on C2Cam.

Even the president wrote to a doll! This is legit, on display with
Robert.  It is signed by President George W. Bush.

OK. Had a holy s**t moment today! Some more video should be
up soon. Doing a few mins on Coast tonight LIVE with Robert!

My holy s**t moment will be revealed when I'm back home. You'll
understand then.  But I do have another great video to post s

Btw, the holy s**t moment is NOT what you will see in my next video, though
you might think so. Basically, I documented some REAL paranormal activity.

Was gonna do some snorkeling, but weather has turned crystal clear water
into milk. The big Key West Paranormal workshop starts at 6pm!

"Just finished the workshop. Had a great time and met wonderful people!"

Right behind my hotel: A turtle the size of a table crawled out
and laid 150 eggs. They will hatch around Sept 8th.

This breakfast buffet is amazing. I feel like I'm on the Travel Channel.

Just had a great time with legendary UFO researcher Jim Moseley.
Thanks to Tim Beckley for hooking that up!

From JPW: Just met with a big film producer down here; interested
in my script about the most haunted house I've investigated.

This trolley tour lets you see Robert at night!

Warren will be in Key West, FL to investigate Robert!
See him LIVE & get Certified in his workshop.
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